December 4, 2013

You There, With The Hand In The Air

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I've been reading The Scarlet Pimpernel to my boys. We're about nineteen chapters in--just getting to the good part where Marguerite realizes her husband is mysterious! And aloof! But he loves her! And what's this?! He's... he's... the... Scarlet Pimpernel!?!?!

So let's just say I was really into the book. And let's also say my twelve-year-old was busy doodling on his white board while listening to me yap yap through the book. I eventually glanced up and saw this:

If you can't read the board, it says, "I have a question." So, ha ha ha, the whole "read time" got derailed once again by the resident comedian. And since I'm the parent and have to act "put out" about the whole thing, I asked him some comprehension questions in return and he got those right, so okay, score one for the jokester.

Day in the life... just a day in the life.

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