August 19, 2013

School Pictures for 2013-14

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Someone's been sneaking my kids Ent-water, I believe. I don't know how else to explain their sudden growth of three inches or more. 

And speaking of mysteries of the universe, have you noticed that kids' clothing makes a huge jump between size 8 and size 10/12? An 8 runs kinda small, but a 10/12 is a tarp. I don't get it.

On a more positive note, I thank the clothing gods every time I see pants with adjustable waists. I happen to have three sticks for children and if it weren't for those blessed pants, they'd all be wearing suspenders. In public.

Oh, but we were talking about school pictures. I have to take my own "school pictures," seeing as I'm the official "school photographer." I'm also the school nurse, cook, counselor, janitor, and grumpy hall monitor. My kids will never know about the combs that are handed out on picture days. (Do they still do that?!) Though I do make them wash and comb their hair on picture day. Standards, you know.

I've got three kids that I teach: a sixth grader, a fourth grader, and a second grader.

I've homeschooled from the start, so this is my oldest son's eighth year of school. Eight years. I can hardly believe that. He's into computer programming, Minecraft, video games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. He also takes piano lessons (from me, the lucky duck!) and participates in our local middle school's band. If you compare his picture with mine, you'll see where he gets his face. Now isn't that a blessing.

My second son is a gentle soul who loves animals and Legos. He tends to follow his brother's interests, so the two of them are always talking about video games and books and such. These boys are so fortunate to have each other; I mean that truly and sincerely. 

Then there's my girl. She looooooves to do tasks, and 'get stuff done,' so she is often agreeable about doing her homework. She has enough energy and excitement for twelve people, so when she gets one math problem right, the whole house knows about it.

I see now that my oldest son even tilts his head the same way that I do for pictures. Yay. The imprinting has worked. I am wearing a fuchsia shirt so look at me being all colorful and everything. It's still a solid tee, though. I didn't want to be too outrageous.

That's it for our school. Well, there's the cat who distracts us all and my hubs (the dad) who keeps us sane. Full-time jobs for both of them.

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Your Mom said...

What great pictures - even the "principal"!!

Jill Foley said...

You are all so cute.