August 22, 2013

A Picnic At The Pacific

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I live within two to three hours of the Oregon coast. It's a beautiful place to visit. Notice I did not say, "it's a beautiful place to sunbathe," because the chances of that happening are about one in a zillion. Oh, sure, the sun might be out at the coast, but it's usually 60 degrees and windy there, too. 

However, I feel like my calendar year is not yet complete unless I've seen the ocean at least once. We picked a day in August to picnic on the beach, which increased our odds of sitting outside without a parka. And indeed we did. I would have taken a picture of the happy picnickers, but apparently I was too distracted by my hunger the vast and lovely view.

I got a shot of our picnic bag sitting on the sand, though. And yes, I looked ridiculous taking that picture but then again, what's new.

One side benefit of picnicking at the beach is that each food item is served with a side of sand. Brings new meaning to having a sandwich, if you know what I mean.

For those curious about where this picture was taken (because really, what a *stunning* piece of photography), it was at the beach within South Beach State Park, located on the central part of the Oregon coast. 

That day we played, we picnicked, and we knocked another item off my "forty before forty" list. Hooray!

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