September 20, 2008

100 Things About Me # 37

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I love to poke fun at myself. Lame pictures are good for a start. That might explain why I got such a kick out of Yearbook Yourself--a site where I could upload a picture of my face and see it magically transform into a No Good Really Bad Terrible Horrible Yearbook Shot.

The sad thing about this first one is that I have a picture that looks awfully close to it:

How about the flip? Anyone ever have this 'do for real?

This one looks shockingly like my brother. And also proves to me I should never go blond:

And, a perfectly snarky one to end on:

Feel free to e-mail (or blog and link) your "yearbook" photos to me. Because not only do I like to poke fun at myself, I also like to poke fun at you.

ht: drew and bekah


Tina Marie said...

Oh my! That really does look like your brother!

I will have to give this another shot. Every time I load a picture, they end up off center.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Did you know that once your picture appears “yearbook style,” you can still tweak the size and position of your head? Just hover your mouse towards the bottom of the picture and the editing buttons will appear.

Drew said...

hilarious. love, love, love all the photos. bekah

Your Mom said...

Okay, so you found a 60's yearbook - what can I say??? I do remember SOME of those hairstyles, but I NEVER had one exactly like those. How funny you are. The one you questioned looks like a hat, and yes, there were those at my school, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!

Emily said...

I like a gal who can make fun of herself. :) It's important for those days...oh, those days.

(and I really liked your post about the ocean and your son moving to Africa....good stuff.)

Sheila said...

Oh my, I might have to try that out, those pictures are too funnY!

Rosie said...

Very funny photos! more please i could do with a laugh