October 31, 2007

Appealing Apples

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It's always been an arm-wrestling match getting my kids to eat the peels of their apples. For my first child, I used to peel the whole apple and then dice it into nice kid-friendly slices.

Yeah, he was spoiled. And I was a Well-Trained Monkey.

But then I blinked and there are three hooligans in my house, so this Mama can no longer cater to the kids. As much.

Sure, I could hand them a whole apple and say JUST EAT IT, but it would probably get thrown back at me. Their delicate little mouths (which can scream loud enough to wake our friends in China, thankyouverymuch) just can't open very far to get the apple started, and then there's all that waste. That's probably what bothers me the most. They often take three bites and are "done." And of course they each need their own apple, too.

I've tried the standard apple slicers, but their chunks are still too "peely" and my kids end up eating everything but the peel (treating it like an orange slice). And we all know the peel and right-under-the-peel is where most of the fiber and nutrition is, right? So off I went to find a better solution. Because my kids need their fiber, yes they do.

And then I bought My Knife. My Faaaveee-ooor-ite Knife. I love it so much and I don't even know its name! (Hey--Alton Brown I am not.) But it is sharp and has a flat edge and slices through fruits and veggies like no other knife can. And it allows me to slice up an apple quickly in a way that gets my kids to eat the peel right along with the juicy inside, with no complaints. Plus it makes one big apple go three ways, and the kids still feel like they are getting a lot of fruit.

Here are some illustrations, showcasing an apple, my lovely hand, and the glorious knife. Because I knew you'd be thinking about now, show me the hand.

First, chop off one whole side of the apple, missing the core (and your fingers):

Then, slice off the other whole side, and continue around the apple until you have four chunks:

Which look like this, my very bad attempt at making a smiley with the pieces:

Discard the core, and then thinly slice each of the four sections of the apple. It is quick to slice this way (on a cutting board) as there is a flat side to each piece, making the apple stay put while you wield your knife:

And then you end up with a nice big pile of thin apple slices, all ready to be served up to the kids:

And this little contraption is the one I rarely use, but I included it to show you the size difference between its chunks and the more kid-friendly skinny slices (see the little piece sitting in there?):

And this, folks, is a tip that I hope truly revolutionizes your apple eating this harvest season. At least I know it Works For Me. And even if you don't like the tip, maybe I put you in the mood for an apple. Because if you are like me, all this talk and pictures about food makes me hungry.

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JCK said...

This is an interesting idea. Razor thin slices. I have one child who will eat the peel and one who won't. I'll have to try this! :)Thanks!

Corrie said...

I'm definitely trying this on my 2 yr old, she just eats her slice right to the edge.

Jen M said...

Love your tip, but love your style of writing even more!

Pfirsch said...

My sister would peel her apples and eat the insides, while I ate the peel.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the tip - I've got a few picky eaters at my house too and I'm tired of catering to them all!

Mom2fur said...

Great idea! BTW, I think the knife is called a santuko, but don't hold me to that.

Candace said...

Great tip- I'll have to try that.