August 22, 2007

Crunchy Clothes

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Sticking my wet laundry outside on a hot, dry day falls right in line with my cheapskate, green-livin’ kind of style. Granted, in the Midwest, these days appear about three times a year. But heavens to betsy I don't miss out on an opportunity like this.

Towels and shirts are quick and easy to throw over a clothesline, or if you’re classy like me, the deck furniture. But after a day of drying outside, they have that Crunchy Feel.

Now...The Mister is quick to point out my dorky use of the word “crunchy”. “Food is crunchy. Fabric is not.” he would say. But you, my dear readers, know just what I’m talking about.

To magically turn my crunchy clean laundry into something we would actually put next to our skin, I rely on The Dryer. You know, that major appliance you have tucked away in a back room, probably stuffed full with some extra junk on top. Just five minutes in the magic machine and the transformation is complete. It’s the best of both worlds. Save scads of electricity, save scabs on your skin.

It isn’t every week that I get to impress you with my life-changing tips, but this might be one of them.

Goodbye, crunchy clothes. Hello, crunchy money. (And yes, dollar bills are “crunchy”.)

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Susan said...

Sounds great. I also search for those sunny days to especially hang out my whites. Those are also rare where I am located.

Gift of Green said...

Good for you! I am all about the line (or back of chair or slung over the top of the shower curtain rod) drying, but I agree - the towel crunchies I think are the worst!

Amy said...

Sounds great. I hate crunchy clothes and they are definately crunchy. I guess in the old days before dryers they must have ironed everything or had well exfoliated skin.

TracyMichele said...

Oh how I love the smell of a towel dried on the line. AHHHH. Nothing like it! But the scratch? Could do without that. Thanks for the tip.. and thanks for visiting!

Laane said...

Great tip.

I just use my granny's tip.
Use some vinegar to the last water, use plenty of water to get out the soap.
Don't dry too quick.

heather t said...

Do you put them in the dryer before or after you hang them out? I put stuff in the dryer for about 10 mins before hanging and no crunchies here! (Although I do the like my woven fabrics - shirts and pants - to feel cruncy. Almost like I actually ironed!)

CrunchyCat said...

I found out that the crunchies comes from detergent and fabric softener residue, so I quit using both, my line dried clothes smell AND feel good!